How To Run And Start An Adoption Facebook Page


Have you ever thought about starting an adoption Facebook page? Maybe you’re just not sure how to start one or even if you should. I thought these same things years ago and pondered on if I should start mine, but I was led to do so.

I opened my own adoption Facebook page to help me search for my birth family and for others to follow me on my journey. I hope it would give others hope in their own journey to find their birth parents. After I did find my family, I continue to have my page to encourage other adoptees to keep their faith and not to give up on their search. I also help others find their family through my page.


One thing you do need to do is keep your page a positive page. This was something that was important to me. When you first start it, let that be the first thing you say is that this page is for the positive, not the negative. Trust me, there are very mean and negative people out there who don’t agree with adoption in any way shape or form. They will try to hurt you in any way they can. I’ve had several on mine that got real ugly and I’ve had to delete and block them. So on that note, keep an eye on your page and just delete those comments and block those negative people. Don’t let those negative people bring you down or hurt you. Just delete and move on.


Make sure you post on your page every day or every other day to keep followers up to date on your page. Your followers love to hear from you. You’d be surprised what consistency can do to make a Facebook page thrive.


And though it might be an obvious bit of advice, always engage your followers. Reply to their comments, ask them questions, be more than just reading material. You can create an amazing community simply by interacting with other people in your Facebook group or who’ve liked your page.

I encourage you all to open and run an adoption Facebook page if that’s what you’re being lead to do. I’ll be the first one to say I’m proud of you! God Bless you all.