5 Mistakes Adoptive Couples Make When Creating Online Adoption Profile

In the days of technology hopeful adoptive couples are using online adoption profiles to help find the “perfect match.” Adoption profiles are a wonderful tool to share hopes for adoption with possible birth parents. However, some couples do this better than others. Having a beautiful profile is key to being successfully matched quickly. Don’t make these simple mistakes when creating an online adoption profile.

1. Bad first impression

First impressions really do matter. Birth parents scrolling hundreds of profiles will look at the profiles that catch their eyes with that first family picture before reading a single word you write. Your cover picture should show your personality. Don’t use a picture that is too far away or too close in some cases (selfies are out). This may sound crazy but make sure the DAD looks good! Birth mothers are looking for a wonderful father figure and may possibly choose you based on who the male figure in their child’s life will be. Keep a look out for crazy eyes, red eyes, and or bug eyes. The picture can be spontaneous or professional, but keep it simple where the focus is on you!

 2. Failing to say why you are adopting

Always start with a Dear Potential Birth Mother/Father letter. Adoption is a very personal decision, so get personal from the start. Be upfront about why you are adopting. If you have suffered from infertility, say so; if you feel led by God to adopt after having bio kids, say so; if you have a house full of boys and long for a little girl, say so! This isn’t the time to sugar coat why you are the perfect family for adoption. 

3. Not being honest

Complete honesty is needed in adoption from the very start. Starting with why you are adopting but also the type of adoption you are expecting. Saying you want an open adoption and not following through is devastating to a birth mother. Include on your profile the type of adoption you seek; open, semi-open, or closed. This saves everyone involved time, energy, and emotions.

4. Writing too much

Writing from your heart is always a good idea. Keep your paragraphs informative without being too wordy, sappy, or boring your audience. We know you love your Great Aunt Betty, but really, now would not be the time to list all the great extended family support you will have! The profile is a snippet of your life, not a book. The first meeting with whoever chooses you should be guided by your profile. That first meeting is awkward enough without the potential birth mother knowing every detail of you before you meet. What will you talk about if she knows everything in depth!

5. Leaving out pictures

Pictures paint a thousand words. Not having enough pictures on your profile can hurt. Writing a paragraph about your hobbies without including pictures a potential birth mom may skip over that paragraph completely! Let your pictures guide your profile, and refer back to mistake #1 when choosing the right pics!



Samantha Morgan is a two-time adoptive mom and infertility survivor. Experienced in international and domestic adoption, Samantha loves sharing her motherhood story and experiences to help others find hope in their journey. Founder of Rush to Hope Ministries, she strives to build connections between people with similar paths so no one has to walk alone. You can read more from Samantha or get connected at RushtoHopeMinistries.com.