Why Should I Even Start An Adoption Blog

How many mommy blogs have you read? I often felt like I was the only mommy out in the world who did not blog their child’s day to day. Yet blog after blog I read was insightful and had its own uniqueness to offer its reader. This made me wonder what I had to offer. What would I even talk about? A wonderful friend suggested to me that if I were ever to start a blog, to simply blog about a topic I loved and a topic I was passionate about. The answer for me was easy: adoption. I could get on my soapbox about adoptions and how it changed my life for hours on end. Starting an adoption blog may not garner a following in every situation, but it would give me the opportunity to document the passion of my heart for adoption.

An adoption blog is beneficial for many reasons, but the foremost being that it helps you document event and emotion. Adoption journeys are very often filled with highs and lows. I can attest that both of my adoption journeys were not only completely different, but both filled with events I learned and grew from as a result. There were also parts of both adoption journeys that seem like a complete blur. When the journey is over and the adoption final, there is this huge desire to push forward and regain some sense of normalcy. This is another reason why it is so important to document your journey. An adoption blog provides for such an opportunity and may help clear some of the more blurry moments after the fact. 

Part of learning and growing through an adoption journey is learning from mistakes and also rejoicing in triumphs. As you experience these triumphs, documenting them will not only be nice to look back on, but will be helpful if you ever adopt again. Adopting twice ourselves, my husband and I felt a little more prepared and knew the ins and outs of much of the paperwork and process. As we documented much of the learning opportunities that came with our adoption, we knew what to avoid, what to look for, who to hire, and what mistakes we could change the second time around.

Documenting your adoption journey in blog form is a fantastic way to keep family and friends informed about what is going on throughout the journey. While you will have to use discretion regarding what information you share due to stipulations on what you are allowed to share an when many of your friends and family may be invested in your growing family and want a way to keep up to date on news you can share. An adoption blog is a central place for them to go to get updates and also know updates will be posted rather than inquiring with you directly.

An adoption blog is also a great way to educate others on adoption and the beauty of the process. While my blog availability on a website is under construction, my blogging on social media has been met with a response from people I have never met but have felt inspired or connected through my adoption journey. I receive messages weekly from people all over the country wanting to know how to get involved in foster care and adoption. An adoption blog not only holds your memories and connects family, but it can also connect and inspire other prospective parents to pursue adoption and provide a child a forever home.